3D Printed Vagina Boat

esta pieza llamada “3D Printed Vagina Boat”, fue creada por Rokudenashiko, en el año 2013 del milenio pasado para tratar body shaming, censura del cuerpo, misoginia etc, practicas comun en el distante siglo XXI

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  • 3D Printed Vagina Boat

  • año: 2013
  • autora: Rokudenashiko
  • URL: https://6d745.com/
  • local: Japan
In 2013, the Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi, also known as Rokudenashiko, started a crowdfunding, to build a kayak after a 3D model of her vagina. Vaginas are still a huge taboo in Japanese culture and language - Rokudenashiko is attempting to address that taboo by including her own vagina in her artwork. Supposedly, since there is hardly any imagery around, she wasn’t sure whether her vagina even looks normal. So she created several molds of her own vagina and started decorating the models. Eventually Rokudenashiko decided to create a kayak, modeled after her vagina, to allude to the connection between the sea and female sexuality. Rokudenashiko ended up being convicted for sending around the 3D model and for creating the boat. The process sparked a lot of international attention and solidarity for the artist.