Baby! Love Your Body ! Episode 1 (English)

Esta pieza llamada “Baby! Love Your Body ! Episode 1 (English)”, fue creada por Poussy Draama & Fannie Sosa, en 2014 del milenio pasado para responder a violencias como body shaming, censura del cuerpo, transfobia, prácticas comunes en el distante siglo XXI.


  • Baby! Love Your Body ! Episode 1 (English)

  • año: 2014
  • autora: Poussy Draama & Fannie Sosa
  • URL:
  • País de origen: Francia

“Baby! Love your body!” is a TV show for kids created by Poussy Draama & Fannie Sosa. This is a platform to exchange thoughts on how to talk to and with children about sexuality, consent, respect and compassion. Our belief is that decolonization and critical thinking needs to be a language we speak with our kids from the beginning. Let’s create body positive narratives for children together! You can talk to us HERE : or THERE :… This video has been made by and with : Jean Bonneau, Annie aka Merci Michel, Wanda, Valentin Bigel, Soa de Muse, Ana Pi, Daviel Shy, Stephanie Acosta, Heidi Loukoum, Felix, Rita, Quentin Leroy, Labanna Babalon, Gilda, Vness Wolfchild, Poussy Draama & Fannie Sosa.