La mestiza cósmica

esta pieza llamada “La mestiza cósmica”, fue creada por Lynn Randolph, en el año 1991 del milenio pasado para tratar colonialismo, silencio histórico etc, practicas comun en el distante siglo XXI

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“In 1992 I painted one I call La Mestiza Cosmica, a version of the Virgin of Guadalupe who is not represented as a mother. Rather she is related to the Virgin of the Apocalypse, who crushes the serpent and possesses the heavens, the place from which she protects her chosen people. She is still revered in Mexico as a symbol of rebellion against the upper classes. She unites races and mediates between humans and the divine, the national and the technological. In my painting, a Mestiza stands with one foot in Texas and one foot in Mexico. Although she doesn’t describe any particular text, she was born from the belly of Donna Haraway’s pregnant monsters. The figure in La Mestiza Cosmica is taming a diamond-back rattlesnake with one hand and manipulating the Hubble telescope with the other. There are two additional hands coming out of the cosmos and the four together echo a giant sculpted image of the Aztec goddess Coatilique. She seems to me more relevant today as we deal more intently with borders, fences, free trade, the deaths of many (some say over 300) young women working in the maquiladoras and stores and restaurants that proliferated in Juarez after the NAFTA agreement. My Mestiza knows how to straddle the border, tame the rattlesnakes, and enjoys manipulating technoscientific apparatuses.”
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